Corporate Team Building

Do you want your next sales meeting, seminar or other company event to be a success? Game Show Sensation concludes a company gathering with a bang! Attendee’s interest in the points you wish to convey increases dramatically when they know that they will be competing in a real game show at the conclusion of the event.

Knowing that they will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of what they learned motivates them and gives you feedback on how well their training was received. As active competitors, either individually or as teams, their retention rate skyrockets!

Questions will be a mix of general information, trivia, and of course, any material that you wish to highlight during your presentation. We can also smoothly transition immediately from the Game Show Sensation into a dance party which our DJs will ensure keeps the action at a high energy level!

Any game show that you have seen on TV can be produced by Billy Mann Productions. Some of the most popular are simulations of "Jeopardy", "Name That Tune", "Family Feud", "Hollywood Squares", "Take It, er Leave It" inspired by America's Number One TV Game Show.